Spring Outfits

     Outfits from my busy spring semester and the beginning of summer back home in Humboldt.
My last semester of school was insane with my dad passing away and creating my first collection. It was one of the hardest few months of my life, but I also learned a lot about myself and the world and really saw what I was capable of. I feel proud of myself and I know my dad would be proud too.
Because I averaged 4 hours of sleep a night, while working on thesis, most of my outfits were about being as comfortable as possible, and j-fashion was almost impossible to squeeze in. It was common for me to get up at 6am for school and not get home until 4am. I’m not exaggerating, my classmates and I only made it out alive by the skin of our teeth and lots and lots of caffeine.
After graduation (yay CCA class of 2015), I’m back in Humboldt for the summer. I have been takeing yoga, jewelry, knitting, wheel throwing, figure drawing, working part time and spending a lot of time running around int he forest and at the beach. My goal is to learn all of the things and become all powerful- just kidding (or am I?)!

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Sustainability Leadership Award

This past year was a huge challenge for me. I went through a lot and had to keep telling myself to “just keep swimming”, to quote Dory from Finding Nemo. I spent a lot of time working on my own and doing research on my thesis work.
Sustainability has stayed in the forefront of my mind, and was something I spent hours researching for thesis. I didn’t think anyone was watching as I worked, but it turns out I was wrong. When I found out I had been nominated for, and won the CCA Sustainability Leadership Award it meant a lot. It meant someone noticed the hard work, my passion. I felt like it really was worth it to keep going all year, and was honored to be among the other people who earned Leadership Awards. I’m eager to take this and keep going with my love of low impact design and never stop pushing through the hardest road blocks in design.

Sustainability Leadership Award
This award is for the student who has demonstrated both academic excellence and a commitment to being a sustainability leader at the college.

Students may show leadership in terms of environmental, cultural, social, financial, and personal sustainability practices and principles.


The winners and runner-ups of CCA’s 2015 Leadership Awards.



BRIT+CO interviewed the CCA fashion show 2015 designers.

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Sophia Jain-Embry

The 3 words that best describe my style are:
Blue, organic, textural.

What inspired your collection?
My collection, Lorelei, is inspired by the ocean. I have always been drawn to folk tales of girls emerging from the ocean to join us on land. I played with the hard versus soft nature of the waves, textures found in kelp and the destructive quality of sand and sea salt. This comes through in the custom prints I developed, the natural indigo dyeing and frayed edges of my garments.

Name your favorite style trend.
People used to have to decide between style and comfort, and finally those two things are coming together. I love this trend of effortless, comfortable garments.

What’s the best way to beat a creative slump?
Reading a new book or getting lost in nature helps get me daydreaming.

Give us your favorite piece of style advice or share your favorite style hack.
A scarf is my way to bring personality to a simple outfit. Scarfs can be used in emergencies to wrap yourself up to keep warm, or over your head to hide crazy hair or block the sun.

Fashion Show Snaps

Snapshots from before and after the thesis fashion show from CCA’s Flickr.

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RSA 2014 Sustainable Design Competition

     A good sized group of us from CCA, in fashion and Industrial design, went to New York as finalists in the sustainably focused design challenge.

RSA-US Student Design Awards (SDA-US) is an awards program to inspire collaborative, multidisciplinary design-led social change which connects design students and faculty with industry needs.

This program is open only to undergraduate students currently enrolled in colleges and universities in the United States.

Who are we?
The RSA in the United States (RSA-US) is an affiliate of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) founded in London, 1754. The RSA Student Design Awards celebrates its 90th anniversary this year. There are more than 27,000 RSA Fellows around the world, a diverse and powerful network of innovators from all walks of life.

The 2014 brief was about the sustainable future of fashion and trying to keep up with limiting resources. I designed a one piece pattern for a jacket that can be sewn in under five minutes. Making a more efficient, effortless, classic piece that can be the new staple in your closet. My goal was to ease pressure on garment workers, while streamline the sewing process.

The 2014 RSA-US Student Design Awards program was held on April 25 -26, 2014, at The Cooper Union in New York. We were welcomed to the keynote event by SDA-US Chairman David Turnbull and RSA-US President Jenny Whitener. Inspirational presentations were give by Duncan Jackson of Billings Jackson Design, Matt Waldman of NOOKA, and March Shillum of Matternet. The keynote was presented by Tim LaValley of Battlecruiser.

Saturday’s events began early with judging and interviews beginning at 9:00am. In the evening there was a reception for students, faculty, judges, program coordinators and guests where the students’ work could be viewed. This was followed by the presentation of 2014 Student Design Awards.

– See more at: http://sda.rsa-us.org/2014recap/#sthash.ru2waTCN.dpuf


Sara and I both took home prizes for CCA!

Sophia Jain-Embry
California College of the Arts
*  Bentley Mills Award for Designcraft
Project: Under Five Jacket
     My entry involved a series of slides and the bellow video I made. We had a chance to update our project and present it to a panel, once we were finalists.

Sophia Jain-Embry RSA Entry from Sophia Alexandra on Vimeo.

The video was part of my entry and made and edited by myself.

     I developed a one piece jacket that folds up as you sew, to be made in under five minutes. Industry standard for an unlined blazer is 70 minutes which means 14 of my jackets could be made in the same time. The trousers in the picture are samples of my Under Five pants I am developing. I look at these as blocks for what could turn into even more quick and efficient designs. This project was working with the way my brain naturally thinks and trying to temporarily forget what I was taught in pattern making class.

Sophia Jain-Embry © 2014


The first version of my project that I submitted to RSA, showing my