365 days

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While waiting to meet with our professor in class, Jessica and I got into a discussion about what race and class everyone in our class would be if we were in a fantasy rpg game. We decided on battle mage elf for me. So of coarse Jessica and I had to quickly sketch ourselfs!

Also fun fact, I used to do fencing when I was younger!


Rob was wearing a denim shirt as well so I invited him to join my outfit picture haha.

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Wearing a vintage happi that my dad gave me.


Levi’s sample jeans with Saks 5th top and Creative Rec shoes.


After midterms I had a night out with the bf. We got Italian food.

IMG_3368 IMG_3369 IMG_3371

Midterms and Piercings

Sara and I were super stressed with midterms so we decided to treat ourselves to a new piercing we each wanted.

We went to Tribal Piercing in Berkeley and it was really clean, and had interesting decor.

IMG_3256IMG_3261 IMG_3264

Surprisingly mine didn’t hurt at all once the piercing was done! I’ve wanted an industrial piercing since I was in high school so I’m pleased to finally have one.


After our piercing adventure, I buckled down with my cat to do technical flats until wee hours of the night. Yay for never ending home work!


Waffles and J-fashion

Due to terrible weather in the bay area, my last day of school was canceled! My last final is due online and I am abruptly starting winter break. Time to catch up on blogging. As always I have plans for this blog, and hopefully I’ll keep them this time.


Decided to wear kuro with Jessica. Innocent World jsk, Levi’s jacket.


Jessica and I during class.


The next day Jessica and I grabbed some milk tea after a big project. They always give us free roti buns at our favorite place!

IMG_3244 IMG_3245 IMG_3246