365 days

A bunch of outfits from September. It was crazy hot until recently so they are all very summery.
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Bellow I’m rocking my new Everline backpack, my mom got me for my bday and my Levi’s sample pants.

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Mango dress with fake trial beading paired with the Yurok earrings my bf’s grandmother made for me.


Last month (shocker I’m behind on blogging) was my birthday and it was another year in a how of a great day with amazing people. I just had a potluck at my place with a bunch of my classmates and friends from outside of school. I wore a Vera Wang Princess dress I found at a thrift store.










My bday present haul (not pictured is Hyrule Warriors and Animal crossing). WOW, I can’t remember a time when I got so many presents, since being a kid. People were crazy generous and thoughtful!

Jessica got my bisque doll by JetJ, that I have wanted for a really long time @_@! Ugg, how did I get such good friends?!

So the next day I twinned with Jessica in JetJ and my Levi’s vest for a casual outfit.

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365 Days

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Skirt I got from a flea market while in high school, crop top from ebay, shirt is thrift, purse Mango, glasses Spitfire



Wore this outfit to do some sketching and have chai at a cafe.


All thrift except Levi’s sample jeans, Off 5th cardi

IMG_2794 IMG_2798

Emily Temple Cute jsk with Levi’s vest, Mango scarf and thrift Saychelles shoes.


All is gifts or thrift.