Hum Land

I had a one week visit back to Humboldt this summer. Normally I’m back for at least a month but with a competition at the beginning of the summer, then internship and a tun of summer hw it just didn’t happen that way.
I crammed a lot into those fives days getting a hair cut, dentist appointment, and getting my driving permit! Yay for late bloomers! I have no need for a car in the bay and no way to practice so it just hasn’t happened. But it worries me that I can’t drive, if something went wrong so its time to just make it happen.

On the way back to Humboldt my mom, who is very anti consumerism, surprised me by suggesting we stop at a mall on the way back. We got some really useful things and found everything we needed, which is such a rare acurance when you go shopping.

The mall was a designer outlet mall so for Target prices I got a huge leather bucket bag from Bass and Co for school, since I have to take every art supply ever to school with me, Lucky soft leather oxfords, two shirts a cardigan and tights from Off 5th.


The next few days I wore my Levi’s pants and shorts with my new Off 5th tops.


Meals back home are always so good. A sandwich I made from dinner leftovers.

10601933_1474249542823288_149575943_n IMG_2244

I also traded in a huge amount of clothing to a local thrift shop and got back cash and only two new items. A denim top and a Vera Wang Princess dress with acid green trip and jewels.

IMG_2248 IMG_2250


My internship at the Eureka innovation center at Levi’s came to an end. It was sad to say good bye to all the friends I made there, but I hope to keep in touch.

Finished my pair of 501’s that I sewed myself! Wore them for work and then dinner in the city with friends.


Went to get Ramen for the first time with my friends Jessica and Halley after work.


An Indigo dyed shirt I did my first day working with natural indigo and shorts I made out of filler pants that they use at Eureka when ever they do bleach washes. I made a bag out of the legs of these filler pants and decided to patch up the top and use them as shorts.


Doing so much shibori with indigo made me curious of what I could do with denim and bleach. It took a long time to hand sew the thick denim in this pattern.


My last week Levi’s launched there #liveinlevis campaign and had a lunch for everyone, along with Jamie N Commons as a musical guest. Here is a group shot of a lot of the Eureka center crew.

10608085_1462539917331821_897852096_n 10608021_814632815243781_992328212_n

The shirt I foiled with a silk screen I burned.


The first time I wore the pair of 501’s I sewed I didn’t get a great picture.

J Pop Summit

Got all dressed up in a mermaid, cult party kei inspired outfit for j pop summit, and then didn’t go. J-pop EXPLODED in popularity this year. As I waited to get picked up by my friends who were also planning to go we found out that Japantown was swamped and it was takeing cars an hour to move a block once you got close to the festival. So I ended up changing out of this outfit, even though I had been planning it for about a month, and put on a casual outfit to explore SF with my friends instead.
IMG_1590 IMG_1596 IMG_1602 IMG_1609 tumblr_n973m5ijcc1qb2bkwo1_1280 tumblr_n973m5ijcc1qb2bkwo2_1280