365 Days

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Skirt I got from a flea market while in high school, crop top from ebay, shirt is thrift, purse Mango, glasses Spitfire



Wore this outfit to do some sketching and have chai at a cafe.


All thrift except Levi’s sample jeans, Off 5th cardi

IMG_2794 IMG_2798

Emily Temple Cute jsk with Levi’s vest, Mango scarf and thrift Saychelles shoes.


All is gifts or thrift.


Shingo Sato

Last year the amazing pattern drafter Shingo Sato came to CCA and did a two day workshop. this year we were lucky enough to have him come again! It was such a pleasant surprise and very inspirational as we work on our senior thesis!
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The first day I wore a bleached denim dress that looks almost shiboried from Mango (I got it before I shibori dyed all the things this summer), scarf from Mango, shoes from Lucky, cardigan from Off 5th.


The first bodice I did. All about eliminating darts with unusual style lines.

IMG_2646 IMG_2647 IMG_2648

That evening I did some hw and changed my Marimo ball Boba’s water. My cat was very intrigued but luckily shes to fat to get to him.

IMG_2652 IMG_2668

The next day I made this drapey bodice, following Shingo’s example.

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I wore my Mango scarf, mango purse, thrift top, thrifted Saychelles shoes, jeans I snow washed/distressed/patched while an intern at Levi’s.


And the vortex skirt I did!


IMG_2560 IMG_2572

Brunch! We accidentally got way to much food.

IMG_2573 IMG_2576

I practiced driving on the street! Yay for being a late bloomer! I’m getting decent at driving.


My housemate gave me my bday present early. She remembered me saying how I really wanted a Japanese Marimo ball and thoughtfully got me one! They are a Japanese national treasure and are said to bring good luck!

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