International Lolita Day

It was international lolita day a few weeks back and our community had a twinning meet up. Jessica and I wore kuro and shiro versions of almost the same outfit. Dresses are JetJ, blouses H&M, my shoes are Jefferey Campbell and my parasol is AP.
photo 3-2

Bellow three images taken by Jeanine.


10414488_10152198202021958_6493938694104691312_n 10451710_10152198202126958_1808891026818148921_n

The rest of the images taken by Ana. The first pick is me, the only shiro lolita with all the kuro girls.

10369226_10152406017515865_8283172204397748376_n 10371677_10152406017325865_8255572027084180748_n 10449962_10152406017400865_5175291103004794805_n

Maroon Sparrow “Thank you” Give Away!

Its time kids! The Maroonsparrow “thank you” (for being super cool people and following me for some reason) give away!

Just a small give away of things I like to show that I think you guys are cool cats.

Pack A:

>New two tone brown x plum bob wig from l-email with wig cap

>New cult party kei style cherry hair clip

>New gal hair tie

>New sparkly false eyelashes

Pack B is my more gender neutral pack for peps that aren’t into girly things.

Pack B:

>New Attack on Titan manga #1

>New Link plushie

>New strawberry shaped tea infuser


The Rules are simple, the first winner gets to pick the pack they want and second place gets the other one. NO give away blogs, NO spamming your followers. ONE point for each of the things you do bellow. I will ship world wide. Give away ends August 20th.

***If you don’t respond within 48 hours of being contacted a new winner will be selected.

How to:

>You get a point for reblogging, liking my tumblr AND liking this post.

>You get a point for reposing my blog entry on your blog and likeing my blog.

>You get a point for like my page AND sharing on facebook.


Please comment on one of these places to let me know which you have done. I will check!