J Pop Summit

Got all dressed up in a mermaid, cult party kei inspired outfit for j pop summit, and then didn’t go. J-pop EXPLODED in popularity this year. As I waited to get picked up by my friends who were also planning to go we found out that Japantown was swamped and it was takeing cars an hour to move a block once you got close to the festival. So I ended up changing out of this outfit, even though I had been planning it for about a month, and put on a casual outfit to explore SF with my friends instead.
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Lunar Godess Diana


10464048_526414090798144_2489211504286274384_nStarted working on the sword for Lunar Goddess Diana, from the game Leauge of Legends. I love making props. I think I like it more then sewing actually haha. Its simple, affordable and I don’t need to do fittings! I have no plans to make the rest of the costume any time soon, I just wanted to make the sward. Although I would like to do this cosplay some day.

There are a few videos talking about how I make these on my facebook. This is my third foam prop, if you count my first Kill La Kill sort that I melted with spray paint.

I eyeballed the stencil by comparing the art to myself. I’d see that the hilt was about as long as her elbow to wrist so I made my hilt as long as my elbow to wrist. Once it was blocked in the size I wanted I defined the shape more. It was cut in several pieces then glued together with wooden dowels stuck between the pieces. I learned on my last prop that blue doesn’t sand down well so I was careful not to have the glue show outside the seem.

Then I used a sharpie to draw on the details and used a box cutter, and many replacement blades, to carve the curves and definition. Then I sanded it. I next plan to prime, add some details in craft foam and paint!




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